Plant swap Newbie!

I have a few different plants and would love to do a swap. However I’m totally new to propagating so will need some tips! I’ve attached some pictures of what I have. Thanks :slight_smile: I have more but it only letting my upload one picture :frowning:

What are you after? Anything in particular?

Nothing in particular, just something I haven’t already got!

I’ve messaged you about swaps x

hiya, could i get a cutting of your Monstera Deliciosa? i have a spider plant baby, gollum jade, jade, english ivy, christmas cactus, satin pothos etc :smile:

Hey! I would love some Monstera! I have Peperomia Rotundifolia, Jade plant, Mother of millions plantlets (3” tall ish)

hi i have all of that. If you dont mind where to get the