Plant Swap Birmingha

Hey! I’m in Birmingham, UK (Moseley). Wondering if anyone in Brum or nearby would be interested in being a swap buddy? Or if anyone can recommend any good shops, garden centres or events?

I’m just starting out, and only have a few plants. The only plants I have big enough to take cuttings from at the moment are my tradescantia purple zebra. I also have a very good sized achmea (blue rain) bromeliad pup, which I will pot up this weekend unless someone wants me to post it. I also have tons of spider plant babies and some peanut cacti pups that propagate very well. Have a few other plants that might be large enough soon to take cuttings. There is a large shared garden in the complex that I live in too, with some mature plants and hedges, including hedera helix. You could come and take a look if you wanted.