Plant Purge - Any Takers?


I’m looking to purge my collection, and would love to swap for plants I’m looking for. Doesn’t have to be a one-for-one - I’m open to offering multiple plants/cuttings for a plant I’m looking for.

Toothy aloe plant
Tephrocactus Articulatus plant
Croton plant (I believe it’s the Petra Croton, but not sure, it wasn’t marked when I bought it)
Colocasia plant (it was marked as Colocasia Nancyana but as it’s grown, it hasn’t matched any pictures I’ve seen of a Nancyana)
Dracaena deremensis 'Warneckii" plant
Base trunk of a Ficus Tineke (the top was leaning so I snipped it off; base trunk has no leaves)
Marble Queen pothos plant and rooted cutting, your choice
Monstera Deliciosa rooted cutting
Philodendron scandens rooted cutting
Euphorbia Trionga unrooted cuttings
String of pearls unrooted cuttings
Strong of dolphins unrooted cuttings
Golden Pothos unrooted cuttings
Peperomia obtusifolia variegata unrooted cuttings
Hoya obovata unrooted cuttings

bishop cap cactus plant (astrophytum)
silver glory ceropegia cuttings
Hoya Retusa cuttings
Hoya marcrophylla albo variegata cuttings
Hoya Mathilde cuttings
Peperomia quadrangularis plant or cuttings
Dioscorea elephantipes
Variegated Maranta Kerchoveana cuttings

Photos provided upon request. Thanks!

By any chance can I see a pic of your colocasia plant? :slight_smile:


I don’t have any of the plants in your wants list but can offer ’ Triostar Stromanthe - Stromanthe Sanguinea’ if you want.

Hi! I would love that! I already have a Triostar, but I’d love to add it to my existing one to make it look fuller!

I’ll PM you.