Plant ID thread?


Hi there,

I found this forum and was browsing, and finally signed up today!

Is there a way a thread specifically for plant identification could be created (and therefore properly traded)? For example, my local garden center carries lots, but I picked up a “hoya” today. It would great to able trade a specific species :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything!


Perhaps list the item you don’t know the ID of along with a picture. It’s likely that people interested in doing a swap will help ID. You could also simply name the topic of your post at the end with “Need ID please” and update once it has been identified?


I guess. But thinking more about this, what if it’s an ID request, but I’m not ready to swap it? I can’t tell for sure, but it seems people prefer rooted plants versus clippings?


That seems like a great idea to add!!