Plant cutting swaps, UK only please :)

Hello there plant friends :slight_smile: I have many different varieties of plants I am happy to swap:

Rubber plant,

Variegated rubber plant,

Peperomia pilea,

Pilea cadierei,

Peperomia hope,

String of hearts,

String of pearls,

Rat tail cactus,

Silver satin Pothos,

Golden pothos,

Jade plant,

Pink fittonia,

Christmas cactus,

Crassula ‘watch chain’,

Crassula perforata,


I have got lots of succulent varieties aloes too if anybody would be interested.

I am looking for any type of Hoyas really, particularly fond of Hoya liners & Hoya carnosa. Philodendron varieties such as Brazil, micas, Peru, or a lovely string of turtles would be fantastic :slight_smile: If anybody is interested then drop me a message & we can go from there :slight_smile: any tips on trading & sending too would be warmly welcomed :slight_smile:

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Hey, I have a Hoya carnosa cutting, Peru and brasil. Do you have any photos of both rubber plants, peperomia hope and string of pearls please?

Hello there Carla :slight_smile: Ohh sounds amazing!

I’ve attached some photos of yet plants you’ve asked about, I hope they help :slight_smile:

I moved my rubber plants down to the conservatory about a month ago as they were in our north-east facing window which wasn’t an ideal position, so now they are in a west facing so I’m hoping they’ll thrive better there :slight_smile: The varigated has quite a few split leaves & wasn’t looking it’s best being north side, so again hoping the conservatory will be better suited for it’s optimum health :slight_smile:

Hi, are you still looking for a hoya linearis? Anything else you are looking for not on your list? I’d be interested in the rat tail cactus, peperomia hope, crassula perforata and variegated rubber if they’re still available :slight_smile:

Hey! I have Philodendron Brasil and Micans, and String of Turtles that I could take cuttings from.

I would be interested in your Ficus Tineke, String of Pearls, Peperomia Hope, Rat Tail cactus and Pilea Cadierei