Pink Princess issues

Hi All!

Hoping some of you can help me. I ordered a Philodendron Pink Princess thinking it would be a fairly easy to care for plant. I received it and I think it is was very healthy (hoping it still is). The issue I am now having is one of the pink leaves has a brown spot. You can faintly see it in the half pink leaf in one of these photos, but it basically was a yellow mark that became very deep brown. It looks sort of like one area that got scorched? And that area is now very thin feeling when I hold it between my fingers.

Our entire apartment is South facing windows. Our succulents and thick skinned plants are closer to the windows and on the sills and do great. I purposely put this Pink Princess about 15 feet from the window thinking it would do well in this kind of light. We have filtered light as the shades are drawn during the day, and the shades are semi see through, but wondering now if it is getting burnt?

Also repotted it to well draining soil a few days after receiving, I don’t think the pot is too big for it? Have been watering with distilled water. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I desperately do not want to kill this plant! Any help is appreciated!

Maybe the fertilizer is too strong, or you could also try misting the plant with distilled water every so often!