Pink Princess for other aroids

Hello everyone,

I have a Pink Princess Plant Im able to swap for another rarer/hard to find philodendron or monsteras you guys would like to offer.

My dream plants at the moment are:
Philodendron Tortum and Monstera Thai constellation

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Where is your philodendron from? The way the pink is it looks more like a Congo. I’ve attached a photo of my monstera if you’d like to talk about a swap though :blush:

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What an amazing looking mature plant!
The PP is definitely a PP. When they arrived to me this had a pink variegated leaf that broke off… unfortunately. I got 3 of them from Ebay Uk. I’ll try a better picture for you tomorrow.

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Woah! Your monstera is beautiful! Are you interested in trading a cutting of it for anything else please?

Hey, yes I’m open to swapping for other plants, what have you got? :blush: loving aeroids at the moment.

All of these

Hey, I’m sorry I should have said I’m not keen on getting any more succulents, my house just doesn’t have enough natural light :cry:

Hey guys, have a look at my video on utube!

I’ll upload more this week!

Thank you!


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Hello! i have hoya carnosa and Syngonium podophyllum (arrowhead plant)
both have been rooting for a while and have huge roots so ready to be planted. have few cuttings in different sizes so can swap big or small cuttings.

@Daisyheartsvw love your montserra, any spare cuttings?
@EdenPerpetual done have any rare montserras, but happy to swap if you are interested in any of my two plants :slight_smile:

Hey :blush:thanks but sorry I’m not the biggest collector of Syngonium, I’m happy with my neon robusta. Mainly looking for philodendron, monstera, calathea etc :seedling:

@Daisyheartsvw would you be interested in calethea rattlesnake?

@dinplat My dear, I already have the plants you’re offering. Thank you!

Thanks but I’m looking for plants I can’t get hold of easily :blush::seedling:

That’s fine. Thanks!

Hi, I am interested in cuttings of variegated monstera or pink princess, micans, and I have cuttings of Silver Sword, Adansoni, Raphidophora Tertrasperma, Xanadu

Hello I have a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (mini monstera)

My first post - new to all this. I have a couple Calatheas in my collection that I can take cuttings from if of interest? I am looking for a few special plants now incl the monstera variegated varieties (Thai Constellation or Albo etc), Philodendron Burle Marx and Prince of Orange.
Let me know :+1:

I just wanted to tell you that your monstera is amazing!

Hi, I was wondering if you still have some cuttings of your Pink Princess, I’d love to have one. Let me know please!
Thank you!

I have these if you’re interested:
-philodendron micans
-sweetheart philodendron
-string of turtles
-crassula marnieriana
-maranta leuconeura (red) (already rooted with 3 leaves)
-pothos: golden and neon
-tradescantia sitara rooted pup