Philodendrons and more


Im looking for philodendrons/aroids. Particularly micans and lemon lime. I can swap or buy. Uk based, thanks.


Hey, I would be happy to do some swaps, check out my instagram carla_louise_bailey and see if there is anything you would like a cutting of :slight_smile:


Hi Wendolina, I have Micans I can take a cutting from if you’d like, do you have anything interesting to swap i.e. philo or alocasia etc?


Oh thanks, I will take a peek now :blush:


I dont have anything I can cut from just yet, ive a few growing plug plants, imperial red and hastatum. My pink princess needs to grow up before I can begin to think about propagating also. Id be happy to pay though?


Hey, if you have a spare imperial red going I would happily swap or pay for one :blush:


Hi - do you still happen to have any hastatum going? :slight_smile:


Hi all. They will need to grow first, hopefully can propagate in the springtime :crossed_fingers: