Philodendron Pink Princess

I am still desperately searching for cuttings or rooted Pink Princess!!! I need to have her!! She is the one and only plant I can’t stop thinking of! If you are in Canada and have one and are will to sell/trade, please let me know! I have many plants I am willing to trade

Hi there,

I have a medium size PP and a small one what do you have to trade?

I have a few things, I’ve got a Tradescantia tricolour, I have a couple Monsteras, string of bananas, Varigated Hoya Carnosa, I guess it depends on what you’d be interested in really.

Did you get hold of a PPP yet? I would swap for tradescantia tricolor if you haven’t managed to trade yet!

I still have not come across a PPP, would definitely love to trade the tradescantia tricolour. Just had surgery though and I am unable to drive. If you give me a couple weeks I will be able to get everything organized.

Hello, sorry for the slow response and I hope you’re recovering well! I’m working on rooting your cutting, so will be happy to trade once I’ve got some good roots on there!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you can know!
Healing is going really well. Waiting to see my doctor on when I get to return to work.
I will begin your plant baby ASAP
Take care :two_hearts:

Getting there!

That’s awesome!!! Thank you! I unfortunately had to have another surgery but nothing like the first. My plants took the brunt of it though. It won’t be long. Need to get it sent soon since it’s getting colder. I will let you know when it’s ready

Hi! Just wondering if you are ready to swap! Please send me an email with your details (name, address) and I will ship the cuttings ASAP