Philodendron Pink Princess

I am still desperately searching for cuttings or rooted Pink Princess!!! I need to have her!! She is the one and only plant I can’t stop thinking of! If you are in Canada and have one and are will to sell/trade, please let me know! I have many plants I am willing to trade

Hi there,

I have a medium size PP and a small one what do you have to trade?

I have a few things, I’ve got a Tradescantia tricolour, I have a couple Monsteras, string of bananas, Varigated Hoya Carnosa, I guess it depends on what you’d be interested in really.

Did you get hold of a PPP yet? I would swap for tradescantia tricolor if you haven’t managed to trade yet!

I still have not come across a PPP, would definitely love to trade the tradescantia tricolour. Just had surgery though and I am unable to drive. If you give me a couple weeks I will be able to get everything organized.

Hello, sorry for the slow response and I hope you’re recovering well! I’m working on rooting your cutting, so will be happy to trade once I’ve got some good roots on there!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you can know!
Healing is going really well. Waiting to see my doctor on when I get to return to work.
I will begin your plant baby ASAP
Take care :two_hearts: