Philo micans swap

Does anyone some philo micans they would be interested in swapping for tradescantia nanouk or peperomia saksun? Both rooted. Thanks!

Hi, Id be interested to swap. Would you send me some pictures to see them? Thanks.

Hello! This is the nanouk

this is one of my saksun cuttings. I have some bigger too. Let me know what you fancy!

Hi, thanks for the pictures. I like the two! is it any other plant you’re looking for? so we can can swap the two?

I have peperomia polytrya, golden pothos, maranta leuconera well rooted. Neon and manjula rooting. Peperomia watermelon rooting. String of hearts (I put it in water to root 2 days ago)
And of course I have the philo micans rooted.

Ooh yes I would love to swap both for your micans & watermelon peperomia if that works for you? PM me your address and I can post it on weds