Peperomia's and Monstera Adansonii's cutted rootings w/ photos

For trade:

Peperomia Red Ripple w/ roots and pups

Peperomia Silver Ripple w/ roots

Monstera Adansonii #1

Monstera Adansonii #2

Monstera Adansonii #3

Monstera Adansonii #4

Monstera Adansonii #5

Monstera Adansonii #6

Not looking for anything in particular but my favorite plants are monsteras. Would just love to add some more indoor plants to my plant collection that I do not have already. Please send me a list of what you got. I’m also on IG at @thequibs and you can send me a DM. Would love to connect with other fellow plant mama’s.

-Mae Q.

@thequibs I would be interested in both peperomias and one of the adansoniis, if they are still available. I have recently become a fan of peperomias since they are one of the only plants my cat is not interested in eating.

While I don’t have any rooted cuttings, I would be happy to share cuttings from my philodendron brasil, marble Peperomia, or Peperomia Ginny. I could also trade a division from a Calathea (my not sure what the exact type is, picture on my Instagram @heidif513) or a Fittonia/nerve plant (again, not entirely sure of type but i believe it is a leather leaf, due to it is dark green leaves with white veins).

I have pileas available!

I have a sansevieria cylindrica that’s putting up new sprouts. I also have a couple kinds for Tradescantia rooting. I’ll post some photos on my ig @lula_n_crush. Would be over the moon with an adansonni cutting!

Hi there!! I don’t have anything to trade yet but I would love to have some of these if your willing to share!! Thank you!! Also I am on IG as @mcnallymindy