Over 100 houseplants :)

Not sure what I’m looking for, just something different!

You can see some of these plants on my IG: lady.foliage

Ready to swap:
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera adonsonaii
Variegated arrowhead
Begonia amelia
Begonia amphioxus (this plant is extra special)
Begonia red torch
Pilea raindrop
Peperomia jelly
Variegated rubber tree
Prayer plant
Fiddle leaf Ficus
Cocoon succulent aka ghost plant
Rubber treee
String of pearls
Watermelon peperomia

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Hi! I’ve been looking for watermelon peperomia EVERYWHERE. I’m also interested in your variegated arrow head. :slightly_smiling_face: right now I have these cuttings:
-philo brasil

  • C. Lubbersiana (brazilian snow) <-- grows like a crazy person
  • Maranta L. “Prayer plant” “Silver Band”
  • Marble queen pothos
    You can check my Instagram though and see if there’s anything else you might be interested in! @plantmads_
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I’ll trade the watermelon and arrowhead for a Brazilian snow and silver marsnta! I’ve been looking everywhere for a different maranta.

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I love your variegated arrowhead and monstera! I saw it from your IG account and I can’t find one anywhere! My account is nanceplants32. I can make cuttings of satin pothos, string of bananas, neon pothos, lipstick plant, tons of tradescantia zebrina, curly spider plant babies, Purple Heart, string of hearts, variegated Hoya, goldfish plant…and that’s just off the top of my head!

If you’re interested in any of these, just let me know and maybe we can swap! :blush:

I don’t think I replied correctly :slight_smile:

Good morning! I am happy to trade with you. I have plenty of the variegated arrowhead and monstera to share. I am interested in your pinstripe (obviously the pink princess too but I understand of not on that one (-*wink -*wink) or the peperomia prostrata :slight_smile:

hey there! i’m not sure if any of these interest you but i have satin pothos, black lipstick pagoda, peperomia tricolor, peperomia pixie lime, tradescantia zebrina, and marbella queen pothos. i’ve been searching everywhere for a monstera adansonii cutting and is love to trade :relieved:

I wouldn’t mind satin pothos and/or pagoda!

Forgot to tag you in the reply

Hi. I have m. Adansonii cuttings to trade

Hi there!! I am trying to build my collection. I don’t have any to trade but would love any that you are willing to share. Thanks!!


What are you looking for?

Is there anything else you’d trade for string of hearts or the variegated Hoya? I have a small houseplant collection because I live in a dorm😅

Hey Sydney K, I’m looking for hoyas, peperomia or calatheas.

Interested in everything lol, but especially the monsteras and peperomias

Plants I have:
sansevieria wintergreen, sansevieria moonshine, sansevieria dwarf zeylanica, golden pothos, satin pothos, philodendron brasil, stromanthe sanguinea tricolor, aloe vera, aloe mitriformis variegata

I would loooooove to trade with you for a pilea raindrop, check out our insta and see if there is anything you’d be interested in trading for!! @Petalsinfullbloom

I would love to add a pilea raindrop to my collection! Sounds like you already have quite the collection, so not sure what I’d have to offer that’s unique. Anything in particular you’re looking for?

DM’ing you on insta! I got google eyes for those begonias or pilea

Hi, I can see it’s been a while since this was posted but if you still have any peperomia jelly available for trade please let me know. I have a few different tradescantias rooted, could take a cutting of rhipsalis, schefflera, or some others.

Hi Tallulah! I would be interested in trading you for those. I have many baby succulents and also spider plants.