Newbie to houseplantswap and beginner plant collector

I’m new to plant swap and have just begun some plant collecting. I #have #oxalis, #jade, #spider ready to go. Is anyone willing to work with me one my first swap? I’d love a #monstera-deliciosa or really anything I don’t have. Try me!
Thanks. I live in #Boston.


Hi, what kind oxalis do you have?

I have both magenta triangularis and a green one with white flowers #oxalislatifolia I believe.

If you message me on instagram (sleepykenblogs) I am easier to reach, but I have quite a few cuttings going right now and wouldn’t mind trying to snag a cutting from my monstera deliciosa in exchange for some oxalis :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the oxalis! I have a goldfish plant (columnea) and some succulent strains such as jelly beans, and echeveria affins.

Hey do you still have your goldfish plant? I love it and want a cutting so much! I have a lot of plants if you would want to do a swap

Hi! I have a sansevieria laurentii cutting for your oxalis!