Newbie looking to swap

Relatively new to the houseplant world and looking to spice things up a bit.

Here’s what I have to offer:
-division of a Prayer plant
-cuttings of Variegated english ivy
-cuttings of Purple and teal wandering jew
-cuttings of Variegated, golden, silver pothos
-cuttings of Hoya kentiana
-cuttings of Senecio macroglossus (wax ivy)
-cuttings of Golden bird’s nest sansevieria

-Anything that’s a variegated or mostly white variety
-Anything that has a unique foliage pattern (I’m not so into blooms)
-Anything that’s foliage is black (or almost black), red, or pink

Specific species I’m interested in:
-Sensitive plant
-More calatheas (specifically musaica)
-Different peperomioides
-If you’re willing to offer me a rhaphidophora tetrasperma (or offer a discount for a cutting in exchange for something of mine) I will so totally take it

Hi! Welcome to our community :heart: I can trade a pilea peperomioides for cuttings of your Hoya kentiana!

I am new also but I was wondering if you are interested in the purple shamrock? It gets to be really dark and big leaves. It blooms pinkish purplish flowers! Let me know if you want a picture.

I’ve actually been looking for that one! What would you like in return?

Would you trade for prayer plant? I have shamrock that’s grown and then I also have some root bulbs that you plant and water and they shoot out! I planted a whole pot of just the roots and they shot up into a full pot within a week!!

I actually already have one, but thanks!

Would you like to trade a cutting from your silver leaf pothos for a neon pothos cutting?

Hi!! I have a Philodendron Royal Queen, which gives you black-ish, dark purple leaves that fade to dark green.

I have a great Hawaiian Ti plant that is red, but might be a bit large for your space (you said "anything black, red, or pink . . .).
Also have burgundy peperomia caperata - red AND neat foliage. :slight_smile:

Currently trying to grow some sensitive plant from seed - soaked the seeds yesterday & planted them today.

I am super new here as well as new to the whole plant obsession, so I honestly do not have anything unique or unusual to trade…yet! I absolutely would love a cutting from a purple wandering jew and a teal wandering jew!!! If you still have any available, is there any chance that I could purchase them or pay for shipping? If this is inappropriate or not permitted, I apologize in advance!!!

Hi! What are you looking for in trade for this? I have a handful of philos, rare and common, monsteras and others… little bit of everything. Except this pretty lady, wow!

Hi! I am new to the plant community so I don’t have a lot of trade but what kind of monsteras do you have?