New to trading! I'm looking for new plant babies

I’ve never tried trading plants before but im always looking for new ways to expand my collection. Right now I have quite a few small angel wing cactus pads, crassula, aloe babies, panda plant, and echeveria leaves for propagation. I’m open to most trade offers but I’m looking for mainly low-light plants.


I am really interested in the Panda plant! I have two varieties of spider plant, sanseveria, wondering jew, neon pothos, moses cradle, succulent babies, hoya. Please let me know if we can trade.

@1crazybusymom all of those sound great. What type of hoya is it that you have? I don’t know if you could send pictures but I’d love to see what you have!

I am not sure what type it is.

I have a bunch more!!

I’m interested in this hoya, want to trade?

This looks like a Hoya Bilabota. I have a baby panda plant as well as many others if you are interested in trading. I will take pictures