New to this want to trade for cuttings or plants!

WANT: anything you have:)!
HAVE: •green philodendron(cuttings)
•aloe (plant)
•Golden Pothos (cuttings)
•red veined prayer (plant cuttings)
•fig ivy(cuttings and plant)
•rosemary (cuttings)

I’m interested in your red veined prayer plant. I’ve got a variegated prayer plant and a begonia wightii, as well as a bunch more for trade on my Instagram @lbtropicals. let me know if you’re interested!

I am interested in your variegated prayer plant I’m very new to this it is my first swap so what do I do next?

I’ll message you to discuss further!

Okay! Thank you so much

I am very new to all of this so I do not really have any unusual or unique houseplants yet. I would very much love an aloe, golden pothos cutting, or fig ivy cutting. If you have any of these cutting or plants available, would you consider letting me purchase them and/or pay for shipping? If you just want to stick with swapping, I completely understand! Thank you!