New things to trade :)


had a massive delivery at my work (i work in a plant shop) and i bought some of the plants, and managed to grab the biggest ones so i can take cuttings!

I have cuttings of :

  • string of dolphins
  • rhaphidophora tetrasperma
  • cissus rhombifolia
  • cissus discolor
  • calathea rosa little princess
  • dischidia white diamond
  • syngonium trileaf
  • scindapsus moonlight
  • hoya obovata splash

and a couple of tiny lil marimo moss balls!

I have about 200+ plants so there isn’t much i am necessarily looking for, definitely not succulents. let me know what you have to swap, and if I’m not wanting to swap but you would like to buy a cutting just let me know!

Hi! Would you like to swap the hoya obovata splash for a philodendron micans cutting? I also have:
monstera karstenianum (rooted)
Epipremnum pinnatum
Begonia maculata (rooted)
Hoya linearis (rooted)
Hoya polyneura
Dischidia nummularia

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:heart_eyes: amazing collection, would you be able to give me an idea of cuttings prices? For rhapidophora, dischidia, hoya and scindapus? Thanks!

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Wow I’d be interested in a few of these. How much are the cuttings? I have a few things rooting but I am sure you will have them if you have 200 plants…
Neon pothos
Philo micans
Hoya australis
Epi brasil
Hoya krimson queen
Hoya linearis
begonia maculata
satin pothos
peperomia hope
monstera karstenianum
I also have a variegated synonium cutting but I am not sure I am ready to trade it yet!
Let me know if anything is of interest. x

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I would love to trade! I already have a micas, but i would love to swap for the hoya polyneura, i would be happy to add extra cuttings because i have wanted a polyneura for the longest time!!

message me and i will let you know all the prices and shipping and stuff! :slight_smile:

i do have all of those! but i will be happy to sell some of them if you want? message me and i will let you know! i would also be happy to swap a small cutting of each for a cutting of the variegated syngonium, but of course i don’t want you to part with it if you aren’t ready! x

I thought as much! I have actually just been contacted by someone and have just traded the syngonium! It’s not ready to be snipped again just yet but would happily root you some in the future. Keep in touch! X

Did you receive my private message?

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Hi, I have DMed you too x

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