New plant Mom and newbie!

Hello, I recently began learning how to propagate and expanded my plant collection! I’m interested in all plants and open to ideas and suggestions!
I own a few succulents and am interested in house plants but am not limited to succulents and house plants!
I would really love: Oxalis, croton, prayer plant, and snake plant.


Hello! I’d love to know what plants you’re willing to trade :,) :heart:

I have some rooted snake plants propagated! What are ya trading? :slight_smile:

welcome to the plants obsession world (: i could trade with you; oxalis ebony (2.25 inch pot) and croton petra (3.5 inch pot).

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Once you start propagating, you’ll never stop :wink: I have some snake plant propogations potted up. What are you trading?

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