New here, willing to trade :)

Hello, I’m new to the plant collecting community! I dont have much to offer but my collection is constantly growing.
Here are a couple of rooted/potted plants I have to offer:
-peace lily domino
-dumb cane
-Green nerve plant
-peperomia obtusifolia (marble)

Not too much of a collection but I’m also willing to buy cuttings or rooted plants if anyone has any to sell. I would love to buy some philodendrons or cebu blue pothos. I’m pretty open to any type of plant tho ! Thank you !

I’ve got about 50 houseplants. My Instagram is @lbtropicals so you can see my entire plant collection there. Feel free to message me here or there!

Hi there :wave:t2:

Welcome to our plant community! Glad you found us.

I would love to do a swap with you. I have hundreds of plants varying between succulents, cacti, and houseplants. I’m sure we can find something you love! You can see some of the plants i have to offer on my Instagram page @minnesota_succulents.

Send me a DM and we can hash out some details. I would love to add a Domino to my collection :two_hearts: