New here looking to getting a few cuttings, I'm Cheltenham UK based

I currently have over 100 plants and I’m looking to take cuttings from them to propagate and also swap. Is anyone interested in doing some swaps?

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I’d love to do a swap! What do you have? I have philo red emerald, heartleaf philo, tradescantia zebrina and tricolor, loads of succies, and cuttings of Ctenanthe burle-marxii

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Hi, I have monstera adansonii, pilea, philodendrons to swap what have you got?

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Hello @Sophandluna I have Hoya, Rex Begonia (early stages), Tradescantia Zebrina, Tradescantia Fluminensis and possibly a few more. Depending on the stage they are at!

Have about 15 calloused leaves from repotting my adromischus cristatus. Have a pot full of rooted tradescantia green hill. Have tons of variegated spider plant “babies” ( they are big). String of hearts. Rhipsalis. Two rooted parrot plant babies. An aloe that was given to me in a swap but I’m not really an aloe person… jade stems from a trim, limifolia (fairy washboard) in a small pot . And one baby pilea. Love trailing plants, Hoyas, pothos etc and succs. Anything variegated. Especially want ceropegia linearis peperomia prostrata and a dischidia nummularia.

Hi, I have lots of plants too and am not really fussed with what I get (as long as it’s not more aloes or spider plants) - did you fancy doing a blind swap? We could swap 5 cuttings each

@PlantJunkie hey what rhipsalis do you have?
I have string of heart cuttings and strawberry begonia babies.

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Hi @Mickdaplantman what kind of Hoya do you have? I would love to swap! :heart_eyes:

I haven’t got any left at the moment xx

Would love some String of hearts or Spider plants!!! I have Peperomia Rotundifolia, Jade Plant or 3” Mother of millions plantlets.

I would be interested to get some Sansevierias and more begonia rex. I have 3 varieties and one masoniana. If interested for a swap please see link to my recent post for a list of all the cuttings I can offer. :seedling::cactus::leaves:
my list
Thank you,