Need to get rid of some cuttings!- VOID

Hi! I am a college student with around 30 plants and I am about to move out of my dorm and into a new apartment! With the move, I can’t bring a lot of the things I’ve been propagating lately. I have 3 decently rooted silver philodendron pieces, a bit of english ivy that is also rooted, and a small opuntia already in soil in a nursery pot. I can mail them to anywhere in the US. I don’t need a trade (again, moving), I just really want to find them good homes before I go!
Thank you!

EDIT: Only rooted silver philodendron left :slight_smile:

Another edit: Everything has found a home. Thank you all!

Yet another edit: While I would love to be able to send more cuttings out, I have received many more requests than I can handle. I wasn’t planning on sending out more than I had available at the time but now have a rather long list of people waiting for cuttings. My plant and I cannot accommodate any more people but I don’t know how to remove posts. If you have already messaged me, I will send something out to you as soon as I can but I won’t be accepting any more requests from this post. Thank you!

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Hi There!

I collect succulents and house plants. I’d be happy to have your plants live at my house! I would gladly pay for shipping. If you’d like to check out my collection (and maybe decide you want to trade for a succulent) my Instagram is minnesota_succulents.

Your collection is lovely! I gave you a follow if you want to DM me what you have available for a trade and which of my plants you’d like. Thanks so much for giving them a good home! I’m @sleepykenblogs :slight_smile:

Hi! Still have that silver philodendron? I’m interested!

I would definitely be interested in the silver philodendron, if you still have one available. Good luck with the move! (You can DM on instagram @Heidif513

Hi! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. They have all found homes but if you’d like to DM me on instagram, I can send you one next time that I trim my philodendron (probably in around 2 weeks after the move). Thanks!

Hello! They’ve all found homes but if you send me a quick DM (so I remember to mail it), I can send you one next time that I trim the parent plant, which I do very often. Thank you for the much needed luck!

Hi!! I’m interested in any plants you have left :blush:

Hey! At the moment I don’t have anything left that is rooted but if you shoot me a DM on instagram, I can send a silver philodendron next time that I take cuttings (usually very frequently