My Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret - for your Alocasia

Hello Everyone!

I have this Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret I can swap with you for another Alocasia.

Let me know if you’re interested!

Thank you!

Hi, I have Alocasia black velvet . If you are interested we could swap , but for something different as I already have Cuprea .

Hi Anett,

What are you looking for in exchange for yours?

I am looking for philodendrons cuttings ,sansevierias, Alocasias or anything I don’t have .

I have a few sansiverias I can take cuttings…image

I am sorry . Alocasia is not available. I already swapped it for different plant .
Thank you ,

Hi! I have alocasia amazonica. It bloomed this summer. Wanna swap a cutting?

Hi there!
Congratulations on your plant blooming!
I think I have the amazônica/Polly.
Any other plants you’re willing to swap? Trailing, climbing, philodendron…
Let me know!

Omg i am so sorry. I just created the account and I havmd no idea how to use it. ( sorry)

i got spider plant babies for 1

Hi @BarbieCassie,

I already have the spider plant. Thank you!
I would prefer to swap for another Alocasia.

Thank you for your offer!

Sure np. :slight_smile: i got philodendron cutting as well, rooting. Got no pic of it right now but ill send one if i remember :slight_smile: