Mother of Thousands for swaps

Interested in other Succulents. Mainly Echeveria, Sedum, Graptoveria, etc. But I will consider so drop me a PM.
You would get a bunch of babies from the leaves, they are rooted and grow fast!

Would love this! I have several succulents coming along well. Can I send you pictures tonight??

Of course :slight_smile: send me the pics and we can arrange something!

Sorry for my delay! I got married and went on honeymoon, but now coming back to reality and some routine, which means back to plant swapping! Do you still have some of yours available? As promised, here are some pictures of my propagated succulents:

These are rooted and ready to be put into soil:

(Here’s the mother plant, bc I have no idea what they’re called)

Crassula babies that are pretty well established:

Mother plant for reference again:

I think this is some sort of echeverria, but I have no idea:

Mother plant:

Key lime pie plant babies and photo of mother plant for reference:

I also have a string of pearls I could cut and propagate in water for you. Have had success, though it will take a couple weeks:

See anything you like??