Monstera thai or albo

Hi! First time on the forum: I’m dying to find a variegated monstera cutting (I know, like everybody…) if anybody has one they’d be willing to swap for something interesting, or to sell, let me know what your’e looking for.

what do you have to swap and/or what is your budget?

Hello! New here but also in search for one of these! Anyway I can get it LOL - wet stick, cutting, baby plant.

Same questions lol.

I have an unrooted top cut from my albo.

Nicee! Are you looking to sell or swap?

Depends on what you have available to swap!

I dont really have anything rare. I have a few peperomias, variegated string of hearts, 5 different pothos. Sorry! Are you willing to sell? If so how much?

Yes I’m willing to sell! Is $200 in your budget?

Its a little above my budget but i appreciate ypu responding so quickly! :blush: