Monstera, Pothos, Philodendron swaps with Switzerland

Hello plant lovers,

I have:
Philodendron Scandens (not routed)
Pothos Njoy (not routed)
Philodendron Brasil (rooted) ( I only have a few cuttings for me and to share)
Pothos Neon (not routed)
Pilea peperomioides (rooted or not routed) (cutting)
Pepperomia Capperreta Red Luna (cuttings) (rooted or not routed)
Philodendron Micans (will arrive in 10 days)
Philodendron LemonLime (will arrive in 10 days) ( not routed)
Pepperomia Watermelon (this is not a very happy plant and I don’t know why)

Looking for:
Pothos Manjula
Pothos Cebu Blue
Monstera karstenium / Peru
Philodendron cobra
Scindapsus treubii
Scindapsus pictus / exocita
Scindapsus Silvery ann

I also have a very well rooted but not-that-much-variegated Variegeated Monstera Borsigiana Mint - I might consider to exchange for an equivalent offer. (Mother plant is properly variegated, but not yet ready for making more cuttings.)

I would be more interested in bundling plants together in one exchange, and I have many more house plants but right now I am more interested in Monstera, philodendron, pothos and similar veining plants.


How variegated is it? If it isn’t much at all would you consider swapping for a Rooted silvery Ann Plant? The leaves are quite big. I could bundle some peps, marble Queen Pothos,a Adansonii Plant ext… Maybe a little package? My insta is @pottyboutplants if you’d like a look?

I’m interested in the Variegeated Monstera Borsigiana Mint. Do you have a photo? And what are you looking for as a fair swap for it? :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested in the mint if you have a photo. I have pretty much all the rarer philodendrons so if you let me know what you’re after we could do a trade :slight_smile:

I have Manjula pothos and scindapsus pictus exotica cutting I can trade. Would love njoy cuttings. Let me know

My not-that-much-variegated variegated plant is getting more attention than I would prefer to :slight_smile:
I will try to add a photo later tonight. Variegation on this specific leaf is not a lot. And I would be interested in a similarly less-variegated philodendron.

I had plans to keep growing and cutting until I obtain properly variegated plant as a side plant project. But later I decided that it would be more exciting to invest my time into another less variegated plant that I do not have.

Couldn’t edit my original note, please see my comment. I will try to add a photo tonight.
I would be interested in a similar variegated philodendron.

Couldn’t edit my original note, please see my comment. I will try to add a photo tonight.
I would be interested in a similarly variegated philodendron.
Feel free to make an offer after seeing the photos.

Hey I would love to have both Manjula and Pictus Exotica. Would you like to have multiple Njoy cuttings against both?

Couldn’t edit my original note, please see my comment. I will try to add a photo tonight.
I’d prefer a similar variegated philodendron. Started following you on Insta :slight_smile: will let you know if something catches my eye.

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I am expecting some red emerald cuttings from a promised exchange. Someone else in the thread offered S.pictus.

I am new to hoyas, what do you have? and is there anything you are interested against your hoya(s)?

Sounds brill, I’ll dm you now to talk postage

@fcevriye I have a large pink princess I’m planning on chopping up so that’s what I was thinking of offering in exchange; a 2-node cutting from the plant.

Mother plant

Cutting and roots:

Hey, please see photos added from Dubudup and lmk if you are interested.

@fcevriye Hi! I’ve just chopped my princess up and have put them in spagnum to root. The variegation on our plants looks to be a similar level for a fair trade, I think.

I’d be interested in trading if you are? It’s up to you whether you’d like to wait until they root of course.

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Hey I want to make this exchange in good conscious, here are my thoughts:

  1. While I understand the super hype around the Monstera Mint, this plant has some general controversy around it. There is a famous YouTube vlogger calls it badly variegated Albo. And this is probably true. On the other hand there is good news that it seems to be been given a new name called “No ID”.
  2. My leaf doesn’t have much variegation and I am worried that my mother plant may revert back to green. I believe Mints are more likely to return green compared to Albo and alba. This is also true for the cutting, that it has more likelihood to go all green than preserving its variegation. Even if you get a variegated leaf it may take more than a year of (may be more) of a plant chopping and waiting.

3.To my knowledge, there are absolutely no bugs and diseases. There is no root rot, it was waxed as a healthy cutting immediately after cutting. It has been in the water for really long time, as I wasn’t sure what to do with it. You will need to keep an eye after transferring to soil medium.

These are SO pretty! If you have any remaining and are looking to trade please let me know what’s on your wish list!