Monstera Deliciosa Variegated

Looking for unusual, hard to find plants or large whole plants. Mainly looking for aroids, not particularly interested in cacti or succulents but try me with anything you fancy :blush:

As you can see I’m fortunate to have a rather large plant so open to swaps of one or multiple leaves with varying degrees of variegation :blush:

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Would you be interested in a Philo melanochrysum rooted cutting for a cutting? :heart:

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Ooh potentially, would you be able to send me a photo please? :blush::seedling:

Wow that is amazing!
I don’t believe any of mine fall into the aroid family but if you’re interested I’m going to be dividing my aspidistra this week for a lady on here and could do a division for you too. I also have a pilea peperomiodes baby and toddler, tradescantia cuttings (unrooted but in water), and an unknown type of begonia (again unrooted) all of which I’d be more than willing to send. I have a few other plants but these are the ones which would be ready to go soon. I’m new to this and unsure as to what a fair swap looks like so apologies if I offend with a silly offer :blush:.

would you be willing to sell a cutting? I don’t think i have anything good enough to trade you… but would love to know if you’d be willing to sell a leaf of good variegation? Thank you!

Hey! I actually sold a 2 leaf cutting last week for £50. This seems like a such a lot of money to me, but was actually cheaper than a lot of the others I saw on eBay. If you’re interested message me and I’m sure we can sort something out :blush:

Hey :blush: thanks for the offers! I actually have a pilea and I’m not too bothered about the other plants. Thanks anyway though :blush:

Ahh no worries and thanks for your reply. Enjoy your evening :smiley:

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Hi! I have some cuttings of philodendron micans and monstera karstenianum. Also I have a pup of alocasia stingray and cuttings of dischidia nummularia, hoya linearis and begonia maculata wightii. Are you interested in any of them?

Hi :blush: I’m looking for a micans at the moment, but I’d want quite a big plant as I want to trail it. I have a few of the others and aren’t a hoya fan, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Ohh I’m sorry I don’t have a big plant. Just some cuttings. I’m afraid I only can offer a medium size cutting and a long cutting.

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I have a lovely Rhaphidophora tetrasperma that needs cutting back and a three leaf cutting of it hydro rooted. Is that something you’d be intrested in? I’ll have a think what of my other aroids might be good for a chop too :blush:

Hi :blush: rhaphidophora tetrasperma is one of my favourite plants, I already have one. Thanks though :blush:

That’s okay! They’re gorgeous plants aren’t they. Would you be intrested in selling another cutting?

Yes potentially, I can have a look at my plant later today and send you some photos. I sold my last cutting with 2 leaves and good variegation for £50 does around this sound OK or would you like smaller/bigger cutting? :seedling:

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That would be wonderful. That would be a perfect amount, I’ll send you a PM :blush:

I am in the U.S. I would just like to complement you on your beautiful specimen. I am on a desperate search for an affordable cutting off such a plant.

Well done!

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Are you still in position to trade or sell any element of your variegated monstera?

I have a large hole in my collection to fill



Hi Daisy, do you still have any available cutting for sale?

I’d love to get one for my daughter’s bday! she absolutely loves this plant!