Monstera Aurea cuttings for trade

Hey everyone. I’ve got a couple monstera Aurea cuttings I’m looking to trade. I’m mostly interested in a mature monstera albo. But not opposed to other offers. Three of the cutting are currently rooting, I have one with a long mature root and the last has a root system and has put off a baby leaf. Let me know if your interested!

Hi I have some healthy Tradescantia Nanouk cuttings (already have pretty good root systems from propagation in water). I’m interested to trade for your monstera. Thanks!

I’m sorry but that wouldn’t be a fair trade for Aurea cuttings. Thank you for the offer though.

Hi! I don’t have an albo to offer you but I have a mamei, pastazanum, philodendron sharoniae Mosquera, monstera Subpinnata… probably others but those are the ones off the top of my head if you’re interested :blush:

I’d have to look some of those up and get back to you. Surprisingly don’t have any of those on my wishlist.

Sounds good :+1:Let me know what you decide :upside_down_face:

Hi Matt. Do you still habe Aurea for trade?
Have rooted cuttings of PPP. white knight and wizards, strawberry shake, dragon and silver dragons, Thai Constellations, variegated albo.
If there are others you like. LMK :pray:


Hi! I hav a semi mature (fenestration no midrib holes) albo top cut with two leaves. Would love to trade for an aurea cutting!!

Nik!! What do I have to do to get a strawberry shake cutting from you :laughing:

I do the cuttings have started putting of small leaves and roots now. They aren’t mature though. I have three cuttings with variegated leaves and other nodes cuttings with variegation in the stem that I am rooting. I am interested in the strawberry shake and your monsteras if your still up for trading any of those

Here is mine! Its a top cut, currently working on rooting (that’s why she’s a little thirsty). This plant has consistently put out perfectly variegated leaves and is such an easy grower.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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That’s beautiful lmk when it’s rooted

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Hi Mat, I have 2 fully rooted Thai Constellations available now.

Don’t recall what else you’re looking for, but the strawberry shake should be ready in 4-5 weeks from now.


I have a rooted top cutting of my albo. It has 4 nodes, 3 of the leaves have inner fenestrations. I’ve been air layering two air roots.

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Hello Steph. Nice plant you have.

Are there anything on your wish list you want to trade for the rooted cutting? Burle marx var, white knight, white wizard, silver dragon, regular dragon shield, strawberry shake, thai const, PPP, fl ghost, var peace lily, calathea, stromanthe, tricolor pictum, plumerias (6 different colors)…are a few I have that might be of interest. Thanks,

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