Monstera Aurea cuttings for trade

Hey everyone. I’ve got a couple monstera Aurea cuttings I’m looking to trade. I’m mostly interested in a mature monstera albo. But not opposed to other offers. Three of the cutting are currently rooting, I have one with a long mature root and the last has a root system and has put off a baby leaf. Let me know if your interested!

Hi I have some healthy Tradescantia Nanouk cuttings (already have pretty good root systems from propagation in water). I’m interested to trade for your monstera. Thanks!

I’m sorry but that wouldn’t be a fair trade for Aurea cuttings. Thank you for the offer though.

Hi! I don’t have an albo to offer you but I have a mamei, pastazanum, philodendron sharoniae Mosquera, monstera Subpinnata… probably others but those are the ones off the top of my head if you’re interested :blush:

I’d have to look some of those up and get back to you. Surprisingly don’t have any of those on my wishlist.

Sounds good :+1:Let me know what you decide :upside_down_face: