Maranta lemon lime/Cebu blue/silver band to the UK


Looking for maranta lemon lime/cebu blue/maranta silver band…
I’m in the UK so shipping is a little sketchy but I’m willing to take a chance if you are! Iv’e had a few friends have successful swaps.

We have access to things not necessarily easy to find in the US, especially Canada.
I have all sorts for swap, especially philodendrons/monstera/calathea.

Hey! I might be willing to try and work out a trade. I for sure have cebu blue cuttings and a cutting of the lemon-lime maranta. : )

Hey :blush: Sorry I didn’t get any notification from your reply! That’s awesome! What would you be looking for in return? :green_heart:

hi, i am looking for a philodendron Brandtianum or Monstera siltepecana if you have any, will you please sell any cuttings?

Hi, this is possible yes, where about are you located?

Are you asking me or to Ardri_Radiance?

if you are asking me then i am in Ireland

Hey, sorry it’s took me so long to reply, I’ve just dropped you a message :slight_smile: