Many recent haircuts

I have cuttings of…
Neon pothos
Philo micans
Hoya australis
Epi brasil
Hoya krimson queen
Hoya linearis
begonia maculata
satin pothos
peperomia hope
monstera karstenianum
I also have a variegated synonium cutting but I am not sure I am ready to trade it yet!
Let me know if anything is of interest.

Looking for anything unusual but would love
begonia cracklin rose
monstera standleyana
hoya kerrii
any unusual syngoniums

But I am open to offers


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Hi Victoria.
I would like to swap the variegated syngonium. I have a rooted hoya kerrii leaf and unrooted hoya polyneura. Are any of them ok for you?


Sorry someone messaged me and made an offer I accepted on the syngonium x

would be happy to trade anything else for hoya polyneura xx

Hey, I have a monstera stadleyanna rooted cutting I would be interested in the n’joy

Perfect! I will PM you x

Sure! I will love the alocasia dragon scale you told me in another post, if it’s still available. Please PM me to talk about it.

I am quite senimental about my dragon scale so it would need to be something quite high on my wish list to trade for it I am afraid. All the others on the list are for swaps though. Thanks,

Oh, I understand. No problem

I have 4 different types of syngonium (neon robusta, white butterfly, sunshine speckle and Berry allusion) and would love some micans as a cutting that I recently bought just wouldn’t root :frowning:

I have a hoya kerii it has currently two leaves and i would love to have some philodendron micans cuttings :slight_smile: