M. Deliciosa cuttings?

I got a M. deliciosa var borsigiana that was sold as a regular M. deliciosa.

Anyone have a cutting or two they could spare of their M. deliciosa?

I have a ton of m. adansonii, Dendrobium kingianum rooted keikis for trade. (I have a ton more, but highlighted some more desirable plants.)

Located in Seattle, WA!

I’m pretty sure I have M. Deliciosa & not borsigiana cuttings! Do you have any other cuttings? :blush:

Hi! i’m interested in your adansonii, however i do not have any cuttings for trade. Can I paypal you instead? My IG is xinny_h, please DM me! :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind reading some delicious cuttings for borsigiana cuttings

I’d love to trade! First time using this and unsure how to message here. I do have IG @thequibs

i have delicious i can cut for you. Do you have adansolii to trade still?

Check out our insta n direct message us, we’re interested in some variegated cuttings, if u see anything u would like to trade for @Petalsinfullbloom

I have M Deliciousa cuttings for adansonii cuttings if you still want. :blush:

I know you’re not looking for it but i have some Hoya carnosa and I’d love some of your M. adansonii if you’d be willing to do a trade! my instagram is @MargaretsBones and you can DM me on there.

I have some pothos and wandering jew, spider plants and purslane for some Hoya!