Love at first sight with tetrastigma voinierianum

As from what I can find on the interweb, these beauties grow like crazy, and are very easy to propagate. Unfortunately, they seem to be rare at the time, and thus very expensive. Way too expensive for a fast grower (€100 for a semi-adult plant, what? I thought it was a houseplant, not cocaine). And no babyplants to be found either (of course not, what did you think)

It’s a bit like the raphidophora tetrasperma hype, which seems to have a dormant period of 10 months, and then explodes when conditions are finally to its taste, giving almost 2metres of growth in a couple of weeks. And there you are, happy in a way, but feeling a bit silly for having payed so much for the sneaky little b******d.

The world of chlorophyl-dealers has gone mad…

Back to the tetrastigma, I have nothing spectacular (pinksplashed, yellow-striped, black or otherwise to offer in return, but contact me if you ‘got the goods’, and maybe we can work something out. Including the raphidophora…(oh, is the hoya linearis still in fashion? I’m drowning in that stuff :))

I won the lottery and bought the only one in Europe. Will be swapping cuttings of it next year. Subscribe to the waiting list on time! :wink:

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