Lots of cuttings to trade

Hi! I have lots of cuttings and some plants i would love to swap for something else.

Monstera peru (currently on rooting)
monstera siltepecana (currently on rooting)
monstera adansonii (currently on rooting)

Scindapsus argyraeus (currently on rooting)
Scindapsus trebie (unrooted)
Scindapsus exotica (unrooted)

Philodendron oxapapense (currently on rooting and fully rooted)
philodendron silver sword (medium plant and rooted cutting)
Philodendron brazil (rooted and unrooted)

manjula pothos (rooted)

dieffenbachia reflector (“medium” size plants)

ludisia discolor (currently on rooting and fully rooted)

peperomia obtusifolia variegata (rooted)

syngonium frosted heart (currently on rooting)

Alocasia dragon scale
Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’

Hoya polyneura (currently on rooting)
hoya pubicalix (currently on rooting)
hoya pubicalix splash (currently on rooting)
Hoya bella (currently on rooting)
Hoya compacta (currently on rooting and unrooted)

Looking for:
Philodendron gloriosum
Monstera variegata
Monstera thai
Scindapsus Lucens
Scindapsus Treubi Black
Other Philodendron
Other uncommon or rare monstera