LOTS of cuttings for spring trades!

Hello all!
I have too many cuttings propagating right now and would love to mail some out as trades. I have tons of scindapsus pictus (honestly a ridiculous amount) with VERY well developed roots, one cutting of marble queen pothos (also with very developed roots), some peperomia scandens variegata, and watermelon peperomia. I’m also willing to cut some hoya carnosa tricolor but it would be a bit of a wait for roots. I’m open to hearing what others have to trade!


Hey, where are you based?

I’m located in South Carolina!

Hey! Id love to do a trade, and seeing as its early I’m willing to take other cuttings as well. I have a few golden pothos with well developed roots, a few monstera adansonii with roots developed (but can use the wait until spring), varigated cuban oregano galore

I have a purple african violet, a purple (edit from tricolor - improper ID) tradescantia and a green tradescantia I can take cuttings of too (they root fast)

I have none of the plants you listed so I would love to get any of them. I’m in Northern Washington

Hello! Do you have instagram? The best way to trade information would be there for me @sleepykenblogs. If not, I’d be more than happy to share my email with you so we can set up a trade!