Looking to trade!:)

fiddle leaf fig (leaves)
wandering jew
sanseveria laurentii
string of pearls
golden pothos
marble queen pothos
peperomia ruby cascade
caladium white queen
peace lily
oxalis triangularis (purple)
domino cactus
sanseveria laurentii
variegated wax ivy
rainbow moss
colocasia “pineapple princess”
zz plant

**most of these are just cuttings unless you want them rooted-tell me and i will root them before we swap.

hoya kerri
hoya retusa
ric rac cactus
hoya obovata
calathea ornata

i’m willling to sell/buy!
add me on instagram at dawnoftheplants to message me and look at my plants!

I’d be interested in trading a cutting of my monstera Adansonii for Sansevieria starfish

awesome! if you could message me on instagram at dawnoftheplants, i can give you details!