Looking to trade very rare plants I have alocasia cuprea, alocasia baginda, variegated philodendron burl marx, begonia pavonina

I have some very rare, highly sought after plants that I would be willing to trade. I am only intetested in other very rare plants.

A list of a few items I have for trade-
Ring of Fire
Variegated Burl Marx
Pink Princess
variegated monstera deliciosa

king veitchii
ace of spades

pavonina (Peacock begonia)
brevirimosa exotica
burkilli silver form

baginda- silver dragon
variegated odora
variegated macrorrhiza

variegated colocasia

and much more.

I am looking for rare begonias (I have over 100 begonias in my collection), rare aroids, and the prized aglaonema pictum tricolor (yes I know what they are worth and yes I would be willing to give 1 or more of my very rare plants as a trade).

Message me for pics.

Would you be willing to sell a cutting from your variegated monstera. I have to ask because it’s my all time wishlist plant :herb:

I’m interested in your king anthurium and variegated monstera as long as it’s albo borsigiana. I’ll pay cash, or you can look at all of my plants on Instagram @lbtropicals to see if there’s anything there that’d you’d like.

Hi, I don’t have anything you’re looking for, but if you would be willing to sell a variegated monstera cutting I would be super grateful. Thank you. : )

I have 1 variegated monstera thai constellations plant to trade. Unfortunately, it is not yet large enough to take cuttings from. The begining of August I will be receiving a large shipment of variegated monstera deliciosa thai constilations to sell. If you email me at plantlifeguru@yahoo.com and let me know what plant(s) you are looking for I will email you when I have them available to sell.

Thanks for the interest though:)

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Hi, I have a pink congo to trade. Not sure if you know about them but If you’re interested, I have one available

Hi do you have any to sell yet? i would be very interested

interested in your anthurium ace of spades! i have philodendron gigas, melanochrysum, and philodendron “splendid” melanocrysum x verrcosum hybrid.