Looking to trade some cuttings/plants

Want: raphidophora tetrasperma, hoya mathilde, fishtail hoya, hoya mathilde, phil. Brandianum, variegated african violet, peperomia frost, pink princess, var. MD.

I have over 70houseplants and can take cutting/divisions of most and I have some that are already rooted. I am on IG: vikizplants. Here is example of what I have:
Peperomia prostata
Blue star fern plant(3" pot)
Hoya carnosa (rooted)
Hoya obovata(rooted)–GONE
Xerosicyos danguy-gone
Variegated String of hearts
Monstera Adansonii
Scindapsus pictus(2 types)
Cebu blue epiprenum
Philodendron brasil
Phil. Micans
Philodendron rio
String of pearls(senecio rowleyanus)
Juvenile monstera deliciosa-gone
Echeveria Black Prince
Tradescantia flumeinensis(white/green)
Assorted succulent cuttings