Looking to trade/buy

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to restart my collection. I’m looking for simple plants like a rubber plant, monstera deliciosa, string of hearts, philodendron micans, any plant pretty much.

I have a marble queen pothos, philodendron brasil, pothos cebu blue, philodendron neon.


I’m interested in your philodendron neon and cebu blue.

I have a rubber plant and lots of other plants available. Check out my instagram @lbtropicals to see my whole collection. You can also DM me there for more info!

Hi there :wave:t2:

I would love to add some Cebu Blue and Neon to my collection! I have a huge variety of houseplants and succulents I could share with you including Syngonium White Butterfly and Tradescantia zebrina plus others. You can see my Insta @minnesota_succulents and DM me either on there or here :two_hearts:

Happy swapping,

Abbie @minnesota_succulents

I would love some cebu blue, I have purple shamrock, cactus’a that bloom yellow, and Hawaiian spider plants.