Looking to trade aroids! List of what I have, mostly cuttings/some rooted plants

Here’s a list of plants I have available for cuttings! I’m not looking for anything too specific, just other aroids I don’t have!

Philodendron verrucosum*
Philodendron mayoi
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera standleyana albo variegata
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
SMALL pink princess philodendron, rooted and growing but tiny tiny
Philodendron micans
Philodendron pedatum (leaves are small/immature)
Philodendron silver sword (small/immature leaves)
Philodendron rio sport
Syngonium chiapense
Philodendron goldiana
Philodendron camposportoanum (immature)
Philodendron Burle Marx fantasy*
Ludisia discolor
String of hearts (not solid green form, has some silver but not sure it’s considered silver glory)
Cebu blue
Syngonium arrowhead pink and confetti
Monstera siltepecana
Philodendron montanum*
Philodendron mexicanum* (I believe - i got labeled incorrectly and I’m not 100% on its ID but I’m fairly certain it’s a mexicanum)
Peperomia prostrata
Peperomia raindrop
Alocasia odora
Hoya macrophylla*, burtoniae, carnosa, obovata
Monstera Adansonii

Plants marked with * are special to me and I’ll have a harder time cutting them unless the trade/offer is good!

My ig is @_carrotflower, message me there to discuss! I have many more plants I’d trade, more common ones, lots of peperomias and some haworthias especially.

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I have some chunks of gloriosum stem I’m trying to root and would love to trade for some syngonium chiapense if you’re up for it. here’s a pic of another I was able to root:

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I’d be interested! You’d be sending an unrooted node, correct?

It’s actually got a few roots! Message me on insta @msmacrame for address. It’s ready to be shipped!

Hi! I’m interested in your Philodendron verrucosum. I can send you a stand of about ten Black Ripple colocasia if you would like to do a trade.

Hi! I sent you a message on IG. Hope you’re still open to swapping plants. Thanks!!