Looking to swap!

I currently have the following plant cuttings available to swap:
Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (young rooted)
Watermelon Peperomia (rooted)
Philodendron Brasil
Pilea Peperomoides (rooted)
Silver Satin Pothos
Fiddle Leaf Fig (rooted)
Marble Queen Pothos (rooted)
Lipstick plant (rooted)
Pixie Peperomia Orba (rooted)
Hoya Obovata (rooted)

Looking for:
Philodendron Micans
Jewel Orchid
Monstera Peru
Philodendron Billitae
Philodendron McDowell
Other interesting philodendron or monstera

i have burle marx! would love to see photos of your rhaph or watermelon pep! (:

Hi Angie, I’ve included photos of the mother plant peperomia and the rhaphi plant. The rhaphi has three separate stems that I’d like to split up when sharing.
IMG_0245 IMG_0984 IMG_0986

The rooted peperomia cuttings are slightly tattered but I could cut new ones that wouldn’t be rooted if the aesthetics are important to you.

Hello! I would love to swap some (unrooted) Monstera Siltepecana cuttings for your Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma. I also have a some small rooted Philo. Bipennifolium if you prefer.

Hi Darcel,

I’d be happy to swap! Is it pretty easy to propagate the monstera siltepecana cuttings? Please message me on my instagram and we can swap info. @kkomatsubara


hey i cant find your gram but pls msg me on mine! @stay.rooted_

Hi! I have some p. Micans and some philodendron bipennifolium juvenile cuttings

Hi! I’d be interested in either or both of those options. Is there anything from my available list that you’d be interested in swapping?

I’m curious to know what your unknown peperomia looks like :slight_smile: I’m guessing you no longer have any rhaphidophora? Do your watermelon peperomias have any pups yet or just roots ? I’d be happy to swap a peperomia for a p. Bipennifolium or micans :smiley:

I think it is a peperomia obtusifolia. However I have a variegated version and it doesn’t seem to quite be the same. My watermelon peperomia is just rooted (as pictured) no pups yet. The leaves are also a bit tattered but I have new ones rooting that are much prettier, if you don’t mind waiting a week. IMG_0784 IMG_0458 IMG_0508

I don’t currently have any more rhaphidophora cuttings but I’ll let you know if any become available.

Your watermelon peperomias are very pretty regardless if the leaf is a bit tattered :slight_smile: but I’d really love some rhaphidophora so if yours grows I’d love to trade 2 plants for any of the two plants youd like once yours are ready :slight_smile:

Hi @nherrera00, I have a small rpaphidophora cutting currently rooting. It only has 3 leaves but please message me on my instagram if you’re interested @kkomatsubara.

Oh, I also checked with my mom, who I got my peperomia cuttings from and she thinks the peperomia is a pixie orba. They have a slight hint of red on their stems.

I friend requested you :slight_smile:

Hello im looking for some of the things you mentioned like the jewel orchid and a rew others i have some things to trade. Thanks in advance

Hi, I’ve sold/swapped most of my cuttings but have a few left. I’m actually looking for some jewel orchids but don’t have any to offer. Please let me know which ones you’re looking to find and what you have to swap. Thanks for your interest!

Hi Kristin!
I am interested in the House Obovata you have up for trade, I have:
Philo. Micans
Hoya Bella,
Hoya bilobata,
Thaumatophyllum selloum aka philodendron hope(large and small rooted)
Angel wings begonias, small and large,
Other Rex and cane begonias,
Sansevieria moonshine(rooted)
Variegated string of buttons

Hi Meghan,

I’d be happy to swap a few of my Hoya Obovata cuttings for some Philodendron Micans. Please DM me @kkomatsubara and we can exchange info.