Looking to swap some rooted babies

Hey plant ppl :slight_smile: :seedling:

I’ve got some fully developed babies for swapping:

Alocasia Cuprea ‘Red Secret’ x2
Hoya Tricolor x2 (4+ leaves on both)
Hoya Publicalyx x3 (some have 2 leaves some 4+)
Philo Brasil x3

I am particularly interested in getting:

Alocasia Stingray (in love with this one!!)
Hoyas I don’t already have (I got carnosa, carnosa queen, tricolor, linearis, mathilda, rebecca, kerii, obovata splash and obovata var., lisa, polyneura)
Variegated or thai constellation Monstera

But am open for anything else too :slight_smile:


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Hey Mick, I would be interested in the red emerald :slight_smile: Will send a DM

Hey where are you located at?

Would you be interested in Njoy, philodendron scandens against a hoya or begonia cutting?

Hi, I’ve got both already, sorry :slight_smile: