Looking to swap plants

I have over 70houseplants and can take cutting/divisions of most and I have some that are already rooted. I am on IG: vikizplants. Here is example of what I have:
Peperomia prostata
Hoya carnosa (rooted)
Hoya obovata(rooted)–GONE
Xerosicyos danguyi(rooted Silver dollar vine)
Monstera Adansonii–GONE
Scindapsus pictus(Satin silver pothos)
Cebu blue epiprenum
Philodendron brasil
String of pearls(senecio rowleyanus)
Juvenile monstera deliciosa
Echeveria Black Prince
Tradescantia flumeinensis(white/green)
Assorted succulent cuttings
If you have any cutting of hoya mathilde for sale or trade message me here or IG. Also interested in variegated string of hearts, pink princess philodendron, and monstera d. Albo variegata.
Happy planting🌱

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Hello, I have variegated string of hearts cuttings and would be interested in the hoya obovata. I’m at @leafed.coast on IG

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Yes that would be great, I will message you on IG tomorrow with a pic of the plant I have for trade.

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I am interested in you Monstera Adansonii, I can send you some pictures of plants I have if you are interesting in trading. You can message me on Instagram lisa_marie422

I would love some of your silver dollar vine if your interested in trading I have some pilea peppermodies and lemon lime maranta cuttings.

I’m also interested in the silver dollar. I have variegated string of hearts. I also have string of spades- similar to SOH but with a more pointed and thicker leaf. I also have some Hoya Pubicalyx and Hoya Curtisii to share.

Sure, do you have instagram, could you send me a photo of the pilea so a can get an idea of condition/size. My ig: vikizplants

Sure, direct message me here or on Instagram. I’m most interested in the soh, I have one silver dollar plant left

Do you still have any plants available for swap or sell?

I can take cutting of most things. What are you looking for?

If you have Instagram, I check messages more often there. “vikizplants”