Looking to swap cuttings when the weather warms up, after Philodendrons & Pothos

I’d love to swap some cuttings when the weather warms up:

I have Monstera adansonii, Tradescantia tricolor, Tradescantia zebrina; Tradescantia verigated, Tradescantia (plain green), Cissus rhombifolia – grape ivy, Chlorophytum comosum – spider plant babies, Aptenia cordifolia (pink flowers) – ice heart, string of hearts. (Did have zz raven but i’ve taken as many cuttings as i think i can for now)

See @houseplant_home on Instagram for full collection

I’m after
Pothos Satin, golden, marble, neon (any really)
Philodendron brasil, brandi, micans, Prince of Orange

I’m willing to consider trades even if the plants are not on my wishlist, (just no succulents).

Hey, I have the pothos you are after if you would like a cutting :blush:

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Yes please, is there any of mine you would like?

I am interested in your
Zamioculcas zamiifolia raven if that’s okay :blush:

Yeah, no problem I can take a couple of cuttings. Let me know your address and I’ll get them sent next week (if this lovely weather sticks around).

I can get some nice p. brasil, e. aureum (golden) and e. aureum n’joy cuttings if you’d like to swap with a bulb/rhizome of you Zamioculcas zamiifolia raven?
Let me know,

also realised I have a small leaf cutting of p. satin with a HUGE root growing :slight_smile:

Hi Danai

Unfortunately someone just beat you to it and has taken some of the ZZ raven and it’s a bit too small to take any more from at the moment.

Pity, because you have lots i would like. I’ll pop back on here later in the year if the ZZ has put on some good growth.

Okay no worries, keep me up to date! x Danai

Hi Autumn

Here in Pittsburgh USA … I have some pothos and christmas cactus… Would like any zebrine (spelled wrong) and or adosoni…