Looking to start collecting house plants

Hi all! I have many different varieties of succulents and would like to trade for some interesting house/office plants ie , monstera, pileas, rubber tree, pothos or any beautiful geeen/ variegated plant. I have Aloes, agaves, echeveria. Sansevieria, Crassulas, Haworthias String of hearts all ready to swap!
My Instagram is @succsnstufflb 20190315_072832|243x500 20190315_074456|243x500


I have a baby Pilea available.

Thanks! I do have one of those already. Any other plants that you are opening to trading?

Would you want to swap some rooted string of heart cuttings for my rooted cebu blue pothos cuttings?

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Definitely. I will take some pics of what I have and you can choose.

Ok Great! you can post them here or DM me @l.j.perry on Instagram

Hello! I have golden pothos, queen marble pothos, neon pothos, and jade pothos! If you’re interested I’d love to trade for any type of sanservaireria or succulents :heart:

Are you still looking to swap ??

Definitely. What plants do you have and what are you interested in?

Hi! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. What succulents do you like? I would live to get a cutting of all of the pothos plants.


Hi! I would love a hoya kerrii and string of hearts! Do you still want a monstera? I also have snake plants- the common green one and one with yellow on the edges. Or some rex begonia escargot leaves for you to propagate?

Hi. I’m willing to trade but only for plants that parents as common.

what? I am sorry I don’t understand…

Hi :smiley: im interested in plant swapping for string of hearts if you could provide a picture .

Sorry, That was a total auto-correct situation that i didn’t proofread. I am willing to trade. I don’t have the hoya kerrii anymore but I do have plenty of other succulents and cacti to trade. Do you have any plants that are that common?

I can provide pics. I have string of hearts and variegated soh with roots. What plants are you willing to trade for? I’m on insta at Succsnstufflb if you want to check out my collection.

I have a baby monstera deliciosa (thats starting to get its split leaves and is rooted ) , rooted neon pothos , brazil philadenron cuttings , jelly bean suculent cutting that is rooted :smile:
Can i swap for a few cutting or both ?

Yes. I have a small v. soh. About 1-2 inches long with the root ball and long soh strings with the root ball. I can give you the 1vsoh and 2 or 3 soh for a BP cutting and non pothos. Does that sound fair to you?

Heck yeah , email me at nrbrown1340@yahoo.com to send me all the info :smile: