Looking to plant swap


Hello I’m looking to plant swap with anyone
What I’m looking for: (preferably cuttings )
string of hearts
split leaf philodendron Selloum
donkey tail succulent
hoya Kerri (Hoyas in general)
rat tail cactus
snake plant
silver satin pothos
or I can consider what you have to offer as well (i can’t say no to some plants x) )
what I have to trade (all will be rooted )
Neon pothos cutting
Philodendron Brazil cutting
Jelly Bean succulent cuttings


Hi! I have 2 kinds of snake plants. The more common green variety as well as the one with yellow on the edges. I would love to trade for neon pathos and philodendron brazil!


Hello there , I’m currently waiting for my PBrazil cuttings to root more ( i dont want them dying when i ship them to people x) , but my Neon pothos cuttings have roots , I would love to have some cuttings from your snake plants! But I rather wait to ship them both to you at the same time :slight_smile: if that sounds okay with you.


or if your okay with having no roots on your cuttings just let me know and ill do all the things necessary to make sure they arrive okay.


Yea, let’s just do it so we can mail it out Saturday and get them this week! :slight_smile:


:smiley: okie doki , send me your info to my Email @ nrbrown1340@yahoo.com