Looking to grow my aroid collection

I’m looking for aroids (anthuriums, philos, and monsteras specifically) to put on my living wall I’m building. This means I would obviously prefer climbing aroids, but pretty much all should work. I don’t really care about size or rarity, as long as I like the aesthetic of the plant. I’m willing to pay cash, or you can see my whole collection of plants on Instagram @lbtropicals and message me there if you’d like to swap.

I do have some wishlist plants for the wall, so if you have any of these, PLEASE let me know:

philodendron melanochrysum
monstera dubia
philodendron pink princess
anthurium veitchii
anthurium angamarcanum
anthurium magnificum
philodendron patriciae
and pretty much any long strap lead aroid

Happy trading!

Hi, I dont have any of your wishlist plants but, I have some neon philodendron and philodendron Brazil, if any of that interest you, if not it’s okay :slight_smile: