Looking philodendrons

Im Interested of
Philodendron birkin
Philodendron micans
Philodendron pink princess
Philodendron orange prince
Philodendron gloriosum

I have zz raven, variegated monstera delicosa, some epipremnums neon and n joy

I have philodendron micans I can give you cuttings of. I have everything of yours except a variegated monstera. Would you be interested in trading?

Sorry no, unless you have something as rare to swap?

I do but nothing I want to trade for right now. Variegated monstera are expensive but they’re not difficult to come by. Thanks though.

I’m happy to send you a cutting of philo “silver sword”. If it’s any use

Thanks, but I already have it. Its one of my favourites!