Looking for ZZ raven cutting


I’m new here :slight_smile: looking for a ZZ raven cutting if anyone has one?

I’m fairly new to propagating so don’t have many plants I can take cuttings from, but happy to pay instead or I do have a Begonia Maculata that I could take a cutting from.

Thanks :blush:


Hiya! I have a rooted cutting if you’re still interested? It’s got 4 leaves :slight_smile:

@knotsandleaves I’d be interested if Holly doesn’t need a cutting anymore! I have lots of plants or I can pay for the cutting :slight_smile:

Still looking? I have 2 big rooted plants for sale/swaps :blush:

Hej Sophie,

I have a ZZ Raven I can take cuttings from, if you’re interested.
What would you like to trade for?

Hi! I actually have a huge zz raven now so I’m not looking anymore. Thank you though :slight_smile::herb:


Hi i would be willing to swap or pay for a cutting what would you be looking for :blush:

Hi Ellie,
I’d be happy to swap.
What plants do you have to swap?
I’m currently looking for
different kinds of philodendron
calathea white fusion, orbifolia & musaica
Pathos Marple queen and neon
any Homalomena species other than rubescent
any Monstera species other than andasonii and deliciosa
and for rhipsalis ramulosa red coral

But I’m always open for other plants. So just let me know what you’d be willing to trade for.

I have sone ZZ raven cuttings/ plants for sale?

Hello! Do you still have your cuttings for sale? X

Absolutely! My Etsy will be reopened when this whole covid thing is over :blush: