Looking for Wishlist plants!


Peperomia Prostrata
Peperomia Ruby Cascade


@CinnaRae I have a little bit of Peperomia Rotundifolia, it is quite similar to prostrata. What do you have?


most of my plants are quite small so it might be a while before i can take cuttings from them, would i be able to purchase cuttings?


My Peperomia is quite small too, I don’t really want to sell it, what plants have you got?


3 types of string of hearts
monstera adansonii
thanksgiving cactus
i have a few lemon trees i grew and 3 are still seedlings
i have string of pearls cuttings coming in the post
those are the ones i can eventually take cuttings from or send over

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A little bit of adonesii would be lovely, but my cutting is only small. Where are you located?


London, we could both wait a while for our plants to grow a bit bigger? do you have an instagram account?


Sounds good, I don’t use it that much but it’s called Pottyboutplants. What about you?


sent you a follow request just now :slight_smile: we can keep in contact over there? I’m not on this much so it will be easier to get ahold of me on insta :smile:

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No problem :+1::+1: I’ll message once it grows bigger on insta