Looking for watermelon Pep in BC


I have pilea pep
brasil philodendron
Many pothos (marble, golden, pearls and jade, satin, neon)
string of hearts
Variegated prayer plants, and many types of regular prayer plants
Chinese evergreen

I’m also looking for variegated string of hearts, different calatheas, string of nickels, monsteras, cebu blue
I’m on Vancouver island


Dm me in my Instagram i have all the plants your looking for… anyone uou know has scandipus treubii black and silver?


I have a calathea ornata that needs some TLC and a better lit environment than I can give it, if you are interested. I am also on the Island :slight_smile:


Thanks but im nit interested. Only the plants i listed are the plants i want. Check my Instagram che_rasca and we can talk there


Sorry, that was directed at @karlylang who started this thread. Did I post on the wrong message?