Looking for Varigated monstera and unusual philodendrons

Hi I am looking for varigated monstera and unusual philodendrons please I have many plants to swap of the top of my head these are , various spiders ,various tradescantia, various prayer plants , various cacti, neon pothos , golden pothos , micans , n joy , heartleaf , Christmas cactus true 100 year old plant , cobra philo , thanks giving cactus , Easter cactus , peace Lilly and prob lots of others too I have forgot

What continent are you on?

Hi I am in the uk ,sorry only just seen you post ,this site confuses me lol

No problem, I’ve moved your topic to Europe so hopefully more people are likely to view it.

Hi! I don’t suppose you have any scindapsus treubii or philo hastatum? I’ve only got a brasil in terms of other philos but got lots of other stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you x I didn’t realise it had put it in wrong place